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Digimon World DS DigiFarm shown on the top screen when in the field.

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The DigiFarm is a place where you can have your Digimon live and train while you're out in the field. The function and features of a DigiFarm differ between both Digimon World DS and Digimon World: Dawn and Dusk, to the point both are unique from each other in terms of gameplay other than the overall concept of them. While it is true that Digimon trained in your party can gain Exp more quickly than those in a DigiFarm, sometimes a specific kind of Exp is necessary for Digivolution, so in those situations DigiFarms can come in handy. Not only that, but with proper patience and effort, a Digimon raised on a DigiFarm can potentially have higher stats than even a Digimon raised in the party.

Digimon World DS

Digimon World DS is the first game to feature DigiFarms. However, the mechanics between Dawn and Dusk are very different, notably the lack of BGM and Terrain boards and how Farm Goods are handled. Instead of both of those, there are 9 different types of DigiFarms; one specialized in each species out of the 8 Species in the game and one that doesn't specialize in a certain species type. Farm goods that boost experience or growth rate also exist in the same manner as DigiFarm types, for a total of 18 different Farm Goods that also further tie into how effective a specific species of Digimon is raised, or if one chooses for a more neutral path towards raising Digimon.

All DigiFarms, which the sole exception of the Dark DigiFarm, can have up to 8 Digimon within them at any given time (the Dark DigiFarm only goes up to 7 Digimon). As a result, you can have no more than 28 Digimon in a DigiFarm at any given time. The total number of DigiFarms you can have, after you achieve Bronze Tamer, is and for the remainder of the game will be 4 DigiFarms at once. Prior to beating BlackAgumon, you can only have a single DigiFarm on hand. It is also worth noting, though, that you cannot sell the starting DigiFarm you have, but DigiFarms you get later on you can sell in case you want to swap for a DigiFarm that specializes in a different type of Digimon species.

Once you achieve Bronze Tamer, Ebonwumon will give you a choice between a Dragon, Beast, or Insect/Plant DigiFarm (the three species used for the three Starter Digimon; Koromon, Tsunomon, and Tanemon respectively). After Ebonwumon gives you a choice between these farms, you will be permitted to acquire up to four DigiFarms. The first DigiFarm you receive in the Normal DigiFarm, which is after you save Gaomon and Calumon at the beginning of the game as a Normal Tamer. Specific in-game cutscenes also only occur once you are inside your DigiFarm, and regardless of the DigiFarms you have, the cutscene will always take place in the starting Normal DigiFarm.

Food Production

Food production is important to sustaining a DigiFarm full of Digimon if one wishes for their stress levels to drop at the end of each day spent in the DigiFarm. Unlike Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, though, DigiFarms in Digimon World DS can produce surplus food for later usage, and is stored as a secondary currency on the player character. If more food is eaten than produced at the end of each DigiFarm day, food will be taken from the amount you have stored. If you do not have enough food for your Digimon, their stress will not decrease at the end of each DigiFarm day. Digimon stored in the DigiBank or kept in the party do not need food to eat at the end of each DigiFarm day.

Digimon of different digivolution levels also require a different number of food to eat per day, which increases based on how high the digivolution stage. Below is the amount of food a single Digimon of a single digivolution level would consume each day in a DigiFarm based off of the Digimon available in this game and how the different digivolution stages are programmed:

  • Fresh/In-Training: 10 Kg consumed per Digimon
  • Rookie: 50 Kg consumed per Digimon
  • Champion: 100 Kg consumed per Digimon
  • Ultimate/Armor: 200 Kg consumed per Digimon
  • Mega/Ultra: 500 Kg consumed per Digimon

Every day, your DigiFarm(s) produce a given amount of food which can be upgraded at the Farm Shop in Digi-Central by talking to Falcomon. Also by talking to Falcomon, you can purchase given quantities of food to help sustain your Digimon in case you do not have a farm built to supply food properly to your own Digimon. You can also receive a small amount of food via drops from random encounters in the field. Much like Species Experience, each DigiFarm produces Food in differing amounts from the other, as detailed below:

  • Normal: 450 Kg produced each day
  • Aquan: 3,900 Kg produced each day
  • Insect/Plant: 2,050 Kg produced each day
  • Machine/Mutant: 750 Kg produced each day
  • Holy: 3,900 Kg produced each day
  • Dark: 950 Kg produced each day
  • Dragon: 750 Kg produced each day
  • Beast: 6,250 Kg produced each day
  • Bird: 2,050 Kg produced each day

The Huge Tree Farm Good supplies the most Food of the four different types of Farm Goods which can further increase food production each day. At Level 1 for each Farm Good, the following is produced for each food yielding Farm Good:

  • Tiny Field: 50 Kg additional produced each day
  • Strawberry: 100 Kg additional produced each day
  • Fruit Tree: 300 Kg additional produced each day
  • Big Tree: 1,000 Kg additional produced each day
  • Huge Tree: 2,000 Kg additional produced each day

Also worth noting, for calculation purposes, if you have a total of 28 Digimon in your maximum of four DigiFarms and they're all equal to Mega/Ultra Level, the total number of food you'll need each day to feed them accumulates to 16,000 Kg of food at the end of each DigiFarm day.


The starting DigiFarm, the Normal DigiFarm, will give equal Exp for all types of Exp each day. The other 8 types, however, will only give Species exp of the species they specialize in (unless a Farm Good is placed which changes this). Exp gain should be backed with farm goods if necessary if you wish to further increase the amount of experience your Digimon gains at the end of each day. Boosts to Growth Rate, in addition, will only further benefit a Digimon's experience gain here.

Below is an table of how much experience a specific DigiFarm yields upon being fully upgraded in experience:

  • Normal: 200 experience each day (split across for 25 exp for each different species exp type)
  • Aquan: 280 experience each day
  • Insect/Plant: 100 experience each day
  • Machine/Mutant: 380 experience each day
  • Holy: 280 experience each day
  • Dark: 530 experience each day
  • Dragon: 290 experience each day
  • Beast: 100 experience each day
  • Bird: 280 experience each day

Farm Goods

Unlike in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, Farm Goods are limited by a number of goods instead of the size of the goods, as the latter mechanic is not present in Digimon World DS. More Farm Goods are unlocked for purchase as your Tamer Rank increases. However, the store that sells them changes each day, so you'd better keep an eye on the store to see if they're selling the specific kind of goods you're looking for. Farm Goods that raise stats come in 3 different versions, with the third and final upgraded version sometimes being considered "broken" due to raising minimal stress when training and increasing stats at a much higher rate (See Stress for more details).

Farm goods come in different variety and different ranks, with more powerful farm goods unlocked as you play through the main storyline. Upon reaching Tamer King, you will be able to purchase the strongest variety of Farm Goods when they are available in a given day. Farm goods can either be used to train a Digimon's stats, increase a Digimon's growth rate on a farm (which have training items which boost a Digimon's elemental resistance to a given element), increase a Digimon's experience gain, increase a Digimon's friendship, lower stress on a given Digimon, or even increase the food production on a farm.

In Digimon World DS, you are limited to a total of 50 Farm Goods you can have on hand at any given time.


Using Farm Goods to train Digimon with will raise a Digimon's stress; Once it increases to a certain point, it can no longer be trained that day. There are Farm Goods that can reduce stress as well, but their training option is a gamble to use, and using Chocolates and Sundaes, both consumable items unlocked for purchase at certain ranks, will reduce stress much more quickly, and both items are actually very cheap. Chocolate reduces stress by 20% while Sundaes reduce stress by 50%. These two items are what makes the high ranking DigiFarm equipment very broken, that is, if you can afford to constantly purchase mass quantities of the latter item, which is unlocked at Silver Tamer rank. You can train a Digimon's stats all the way to max in only one DigiFarm day with this method. However, this method was completely removed in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk.

For Stress to decrease naturally on its own accord, a Digimon must wait til the end of a DigiFarm day to eat their fill based on their digivolution stage, in which a percentage of stress will decrease each day. Talking to your Digimon at least once per day, as long as no quests are active for that particular Digimon, will also further decrease stress. In addition to this, digivolution or degeneration will reset the stress stat back to 0% regardless of whether or not a day has passed. Stress is also noteworthy in that it can play a vital role in digivolving certain species of Digimon to their next form, such as a digivolution into Lopmon requiring no less than 90% stress to achieve. Also, at a random chance each day, a Daily Event can cause a Digimon to lose stress by a given amount determined by the player's Tamer Rank.

Talking, Quizzes, and Favor Quests

You can talk with your Digimon each day to increase friendship slowly each day, as well as decrease stress by a small amount. Some of the times, however, they will either ask you a random question or give you a favor quest. The former is sometimes both Digimon related and found within the game, or it could be something completely unrelated to Digimon and the game (these same questions also apply to Dawn and Dusk). Some of the questions could also relate to things you've accomplished in the story, such as being asked what the key item that allows for degenerating Digimon does. When a Digimon asks a question in a given day, it'll usually be the first thing they bring up before casual dialogue such as what is mentioned below comes from them. Only one time per day will talking to a Digimon increase friendship or reduce stress.

When a Digimon first is placed into a DigiFarm, though, unless the dialogue relates to a Favor Quest, their first dialogue in that particular day will always be an introduction to themselves such as their name, species, and what they think the farm will be like. The latter is spoken differently depending on the Digimon's personality. A Digimon, when talked to, will also make a remark about how a specific Farm Good placed on the farm can alter the way a Digimon is trained, a remark about a new Digimon placed on the farm, game trivia about your accomplishments, or even to remind you if they are capable of digivolving or not at the current time they are spoken to. When spoken to repeatedly each day, these particular sets of dialogue, with the exception of the introduction, will tend to loop.

Favor quests can be started once you met the requirements for them, with usually when you have the requirements met they will be the first thing a Digimon mentions. Usually the requirements involve a specific Digimon species, a Digimon with a specific personality, or other various conditions such as the number of quests completed, a certain boss defeated, or a certain number of Tamer Points or Play Time in the game for the requirements to start a specific favor quest. There are a total of 60 favor quests in this game, the very last of which, Quest #60, is the pathway to the game's True Final Boss fights against the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Daily Events

Daily Events occur whenever the time of day passes on the DigiFarm and as long as Digimon are present on the farm itself. When no farm goods are present, the Daily Events that occur will generally relate to providing increases to a Digimon's happiness, a Digimon finding a sum of Bits based, or a Digimon relieving some stress when these occur. These particular three Daily Events are influenced by your Tamer Rank, and thus have stronger effects when you're at a higher rank, such as finding 10,000 Bits as a reward in a Daily Event when at Tamer King, or a Digimon reducing half of their stress in an event at the same rank.

Daily events that relate to Farm Goods based off of ones that train stats can play by differently based on the rank of the good itself, or the percentage the good has which'll determine a Digimon's success rate when trying to increase their stats through Daily Events. Do note, however, that unless you manually train a Digimon, a Digimon's stats has a limited growth in a given stat when attempting to train them through Daily Events. Also keep in mind that most Farm Goods that train a Digimon's stats have a chance to fail even if they manage to appear on a Daily Event.

A Daily Event will play out with dialogue if they occur and nothing happens on the bottom screen to interrupt the dialogue. The dialogue a Digimon has during a daily event varies based off of a Digimon's personality. As an unusual oddity, though, whenever a Digimon refers to the player by gender, regardless of whether male or female was chosen as the player's in-game avatar, the Digimon during a daily event will seem to always refer to the player character as male. A similar issue also exists in favor quests, in which a given Digimon can be referred to as both male and female on two separate occasions based off of the specific favor quest they could potentially give out.

Daily Report

At the end of each DigiFarm day, Calumon will send you a Daily Report on the status of your DigiFarm(s). It'll showcase each Digimon's increase in stats and or level, any Daily Events that occur, any time a FarmGood upgrades up to Level 3, and how much food was produced and how much was eaten at the end of each day. When you first receive a Farm Report on a new file, Calumon will instruct you about how they work, and how, as in later games, viewing these reports at the end of each day is not mandatory to do.

Digimon World: Dawn and Dusk


The background music (BGM) that plays at a Digi-Farm effects the efficiency of a Digimon’s training there. This is based on what species the Digimon is. Each song benefits some while hindering others.


Planning ahead Every Digimon line needs certain types of species exp to Digivolve to their farthest forms. If you are having a hard time raising the required exp then place them on a farm that has a matching terrain. By the time they are strong enough to Digivolve they will have an easier time meeting the requirements. The terrain at a Digi-Farm is the deciding factor on how much base experience a Digimon will gain every time cycle while training there.

Even if a specific type of experience is not a Digivolution requirement for one if the Digimon at that Digi-Farm it is not a loss. For example let's use Dusk version's starter Lunamon. The Dark species type Lunamon will never have a good use for Bird or Machine experience. Its farther Digivolutions only require high friendship and Dark experience. This does not mean gaining Bird or Machine experience is useless. Experience types that are not requirements for anything related still count toward that Digimon's total experience and gaining levels.


When a Digimon spends a long time being ignored in the Digi-Farm their friendship percentage will go down. To prevent this you should talk to your Digimon every once in a while. If you talk to them frequently their friendship percentage will increase.


Sometimes when talking to a Digimon will result in more than a random quip. They will ask you a question that is both Digimon related and can be found in the game itself. You will be given 2 answers to choose from. If you answer the question correctly then you will win a random item. Nothing will happen if you got the question wrong.

Farm report

After enough time passes you will receive a report about updates on your Digi-Farms and their inhabitants.

Digimon stats and level increases Events Food production and use At the beginning of the report you have the option to read it or skip it entirely.


By going into the respective game versions shop in CITY, At the far end of the shop is where you can upgrade your farm island. Either making the maximum digimon capacity larger or making the maximum capacity of how many items can be placed.


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