Digimon game guide

Digimon: The Official Game Guide is a Digimon tie in/ Merchandise book which was written by John Witman and published by Harper Entertainment in June 2000. The book is based around the Digimon card game, which in turn is based around the Digimon Adventure anime series.The book is fairly thick at around 100 pages long and was originally sold in America for $9.99 and $14.95 in Canada. The book is has been out of print for an number of years but can be bought second hand from the internet. PDF scans of the entire book also exist.

Book Blurb

Hey kids! Want to get on-line with all the fun? Digifun that is! Do you live to play the awesome Digicard game? Are you and all your friends champion card collectors? If som this book is for you. It's the only official guide to the trading card and the Digimon Dogi-Battle card game - plus it;s filled with fun facts you can only find right here! like:

  • How to get from "In-training" Digimon status to "Rockie", "Champion", "Ultimate" and even all the way up to "Mega" Digimon.
  • A complete explanation of the rules of the Digimon Digi-Battle cartd game, from placing your Rockie card to combat in the duel zone to raking in the points!
  • A quick refferance guide that shows you all the wayts your Rockies can Digivole into Champions, Ultimates, and Megas!
  • A special strategy section, including tips on how to build the best battle deck and sample games so that you can perfect your moves, even before you get into the game!

Also Includes:

  • Bonus sectuion - Digimon trading cards! Get a sneak preview of the trading card everyone else is going to be scrambling for!
  • Digi-Appendix - Includes a checklist and pictures of all the currently available character card so you can keep track of the ones you have and the ones you still need to get!

And E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you ever wanted to know about the Digimon trading cards! So grab the power and get in on the action.

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