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Digimon Adventure 02: Best Hit Parade (デジモンアドベンチャー02 ベストヒットパレード) is a soundtrack.

Best hit parade f

Front Cover

Best hit parade b

Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-30040
Format CDA
Release Date June 6, 2001
Price ¥ 3,300

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Target~Akai Shougeki~" Kōji Wada 04:25
2. "Break Up!" Ayumi Miyazaki 04:05
3. "Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku" Ai Maeda 04:08
4. "Zettai All Right~Digimental Up!~" Armor Shinkers 04:57
5. "Brave Heart" (Arranger's Remix Version) Ayumi Miyazaki 04:15
6. "Boku wa Boku Datte" Kōji Wada 04:12
7. "Itsumo Itsudemo" Ai Maeda 04:27
8. "Beat Hit!" Ayumi Miyazaki 04:19
9. "Now Is the Time" Ai Maeda 04:12
10. "Tobira~Door~" (Acoustic Version) Teen-Age Wolves 05:45
11. "Target~Akai Shougeki~" (Director's Version) Kōji Wada 03:37
12. "Itsumo Itsu demo" (Producer's Version) Ai Maeda 04:08
13. "Butter-fly" (Theatre Size #3) Kōji Wada 01:02

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