Digimon Adventure 02:
Diablomon's Counterattack Original Soundtrack
NECA-30033 f
NECA-30033 b
Catalog Number:NECA-30033
Release Date:March 7, 2001
Price:¥ 2300

Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon's Counterattack Original Soundtrack (デジモンアドベンチャー02 ディアボロモンの逆襲オリジナルサウンドトラック Dejimon Adobenchā Zero Tsū: Diaboromon no Gyakushuu Orijinaru Saundotorakku?) is a soundtrack for Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diaboromon. The soundtrack is largely the same as the soundtrack used in Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!

The soundtrack does not include all the tracks used in the film—such as Requiem or the forth version of Boléro which was used in the opening title. It does however include the second and third versions of Boléro, which were not used in this film, but instead were featured in Movie.

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Boléro" Original Karaoke 02:30
2. "Konran~Shutsugeki~Fuan" Original Karaoke 02:01
3. "Konran" Original Karaoke 01:59
4. "Brave Heart" Original Karaoke 01:23
5. "Sentou~Fuan! Sentou~Sara ni Ressei" Original Karaoke 01:42
6. "Konran~Shutsugeki~Shizuka na Kuukan" Original Karaoke 00:46
7. "Shutsugeki" Original Karaoke 00:35
8. "Shizuka na Fuan" Original Karaoke 01:33
9. "Chousenjou" Original Karaoke 00:30
10. "Konran (Serious)" Original Karaoke 03:01
11. "Yoru wo Hashiru" Original Karaoke 00:58
12. "Furi na Tatakai" Original Karaoke 00:59
13. "Me de Kiku Koto Mimi de Miru Koto" Original Karaoke 01:15
14. "Friend~Itsu Mademo Wasurenai~ (Theatre Size)" Ai Maeda 02:11

Bonus Track

# Title Artist Length
15. "Boléro (Type 2)" Original Karaoke 02:05

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