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Target ~Red Impact~

Target ~Red Impact~
Tāgetto ~Akai Shougeki~)
NEDA-10021 f
NEDA-10021 b
Catalog Number:NEDA-10021
Release Date:April 26, 2000
Price:¥ 1050
# Title Artist Length
1. "Target ~Red Impact~"
Tāgetto ~Akai Shougeki~?)
Kouji Wada 4:28
2. "I'm Me"
Boku wa Boku Datte?)
Kouji Wada 4:16
3. "Target ~Red Impact~"
Tāgetto ~Akai Shougeki~?)
Original karaoke 4:27
4. "I'm Me"
Boku wa Boku Datte?)
Original karaoke 4:13

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