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Digimon Annual 2001

The 'Digimon Annual 2001 is a 2001 children's annual featuring DigiDestined, Digimon and other characters from Digimon Adventure. The annual was published by Pedigree in 2001 and sold, in the UK, for £6.99.

The annual has been out of print for a number of years. It was followed up the next year by "Digimon Annual 2002" which featured DigiDestined from the first and second Digimon Adventure.


  • Meet the characters - A look at the DigiDestined and their Digimon.
  • In the Dark - Match the Digimon to its silhouette.
  • Heads up! - Match the Digimon's head to its body.
  • A comic of "And so it begins..."
  • Digi-copy - Redraw a picture of Agumon and Tentomon.
  • Fear the gear - Find 10 Black Gears in a picture.
  • Know your Digimon - Digimon quiz.
  • A comic version of "The Birth of Greymon"
  • The great escape - Guide Tai and Agumon through a maze.
  • Copy cats - Spot the difference game.
  • Digi-colour - Colour in a picture of Matt and Tai and their Digimon.
  • Digiscrambled - Unscramble words to find the names of Digimon.
  • A comic version of "Garurumon"
  • Design a Digimon - Design your own In-training, Rookie and Champion Digimon.
  • Digi-web - An advert for the original Digimon fox kids website.
  • Comic of "Biyomon Gets Firepower".


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