NECM-12028 f

NECM-12028 b

Main article: FIRE!!
Catalog Number NECM-12028
Format CDA
Date April 24, 2002
Price ¥ 1250

Innocent ~Mujaki na Mama de~

NECM-12029 f

NECM-12029 b

Catalog Number NECM-12029
Format CDA
Date May 22, 2002
Price ¥ 1250

an Endless tale

NECM-12038 f

NECM-12038 b

Main article: an Endless tale
Catalog Number NECM-12038
Format CDA
Date November 22, 2002
Price ¥ 1250

The last element

NECM-12041 f
Main article: The last element
Catalog Number NECM-12041
Format CDA
Date February 5, 2003
Price ¥ 1250

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