Digimon Game
Digimon Game Start Screen
Developer(s) Delaino Barris
Publisher(s) Fox Kids
Release date(s) 2000
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single
Platform(s) Flash
Input Keyboard and Mouse

Digimon Game was a Digimon Flash game created to promote Digimon Adventure on the now defunct Fox Kids website.


In the game, Gennai tells Taichi "Tai" Kamiya and Agumon that evil Digimon have created a rift between worlds to wreak havoc and that they must seal it. By fighting through enemies, they gain the Crests of Reliability and Love, which allow them to seal the rift.


The player controls movement through point and clicking with the mouse. Control between Agumon and Tai is switched by clicking the face on the lower left. To attack with Agumon, the player must be controlling him and then press space bar, which will allow Agumon to use his Pepper Breath, a short-ranged fire breath.

The point of each level is to find the Crest of Courage an enemy drops, which only Tai can pick up, and take it to the end. Along the way, enemies must be fought, who deal damage on contact. Tai and Agumon each have their own health bar; if either depletes, the game is lost and the player must return to the beginning of the level. Cherries can restore lost health.

The first level is a forest area consisting of Geremon. The second is a cave area whose enemies are twin-headed snakes and bats. The third is a snowfield which has, along with the twin-headed snakes and bats, mutant snowmen. If the player takes too long to get through a level, the game treats it as a loss and restarts at the beginning.

Agumon can digivolve if he has at least 30 mushrooms; clicking the "Digivice Activated" button at the bottom center of the screen allows him to digivolve into Greymon. Greymon uses his Nova Blast technique, which is a stream of flame which deals more damage and has a longer range than Agumon's Pepper Breath. Being in Greymon form slowly depletes his mushrooms, but clicking the "Digivice Activated" button once more allows Greymon to dedigivolve back to Agumon in order to conserve mushrooms. Mushrooms are scattered along the levels, but only Tai can pick them up.

At the end of the first two levels, Tai and Agumon must reassemble the Crests of Reliability and Love through a simple turning puzzle. At the end of the third level, they reach the rift in space and seal it once and for all.

Completion of the game allows the player to obtain the profile of Angewomon, who, at the time of the game's creation, had not been introduced in the English dub yet.

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