Digimon Links
 Digimon Linkz)
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Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release date(s) (JA:) March 24, 2016[1]

(NA:) October 3, 2017

Genre(s) RPG
Platform(s) Smartphone


Digimon Links (デジモンリンクス Dejimon Rinkusu?, lit. "Digimon Linkz") is a role-playing video game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment released at March 24, 2016 in Japan for smartphones. The global version was released on October 3, 2017.


Digimon Links takes elements from many different genres, namely RPGs. Players may train their own Digimon, capture more Digimon, develop a farm or take on quests and fight enemy Digimon.


DigiWorld facilities (including decorations) may be built and upgraded in an enclosed island known as the Farm. 3 Digimon assigned as the players' favorite party will roam around the farm. Poking them once a day increases their Friendship stat.

There are 8 facilities available:

  • House: Houses all Digimon carried by the player, including In-Training Digimon.
  • Meat Field: Produces meat which can be used to train and level up Digimon.
  • Warehouse: Storage for meat. Players may not harvest anymore meat if they exceed the storage limit.
  • Dojo: Enables resistance upgrades and legacies.
  • Restaurant: Storage for stamina.
  • Exchange: Trade special currencies for various items including Data Fragments.
  • Chip Factory: Enables installation of chips.
  • Lab: Enables research, seeding, version upgrade. Also contains a garden to breed In-Training Digimon.


There are 3 main types of currencies commonly used in the game, earned through completion of quests and daily/accumulative missions.

  • Digistones (These may be bought via real-life micro-transactions)
    • Capture Digimon and chips.
    • Revive fallen Digimon during quests (1 per revival).
    • Shorten facilities' build time (2 per hour or part thereof).
    • Instantly complete breeding of In-Training Digimon.
  • Cluster
    • Building/Upgrading facilities and decorations.
    • Passing down legacy skills.
  • Link Points: Capture In-Training Digimon (300 points per 1 capture)


Main article: Digimon Links/Quests


Players that have cleared Area 08 of normal quests may participate in Colosseum battles, fighting with a field of 3 Digimon (out of a pre-selected party of 6) against other players. An opponent (usually the same battle rank as player) is randomly drawn from the waiting list. Alternatively, players may choose their opponent by entering their unique 8-digit User Code, or by selecting from their Friends' List.

The mechanics of a Colosseum battle is similar to a quest, with the exception that Digimons cannot be revived once defeated. A player wins the battle when they defeated all of their opponent's Digimon, or have more Digimons standing at the end of 19 rounds.

Colosseum ranks range from SSS, SS, S and A to C, with C being the lowest rank. Each requires 10 Colosseum wins before promoting to the next.

The Colosseum was released in the global version on 07 December 2017. The battle period is opened every day at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 JST (15:00, 21:00, 03:00, 09:00 UTC) and lasts for one hour. While the Colosseum is closed, players may practice battle with friends at any time for no stamina cost and no rewards given out.

Winning a Colosseum battle rewards the player with additional cluster and Battle Points which can be used in the Exchange for other items, including DPs which are counted towards a monthly ranking system and hand out rewards based on the player's final rank.

Training Digimon

Digimon stats include Attack, Defence, S-Attack, S-Defence, Speed, Luck, Friendship. Most of these can be increased by raising the Digimon's level. They may participate in quest to earn various experience points. They may also be fed with meat harvested from the meat field. Each piece of meat provides 10 experiences points.

In-Training Digimon may be placed in the Lab's garden to breed into higher grades. Breeding of In-Training I Digimon takes 12 hours. For In-Training II, it takes 24 hours.

The maximum possible level for Digimon are 10 for Rookies, 30 for Champions, 50 for Ultimates and 70 for Megas. An additional 5 levels are capped for a version upgrade (Note: Version upgrade is currently not available in the global version of the game). Afterwhich the Digimon can not obtain any further experience points, nor they can be fed. However, they can still participate in battles and accumulate Friendship.

Digivolution requires the Digimon to reach its maximum level and thereafter use a fixed amount of Digivolution Fuel of various versions. Digivolving into a Mega Digimon also requires Data Fragments of that particular Mega.

All Digimon are categorized into 7 tribes:

  • Mirage (Null)
  • Blazing (Fire)
  • Glacier (Water)
  • Earth (Nature)
  • Electric (Thunder)
  • Abyss (Dark)
  • Bright (Light)


Mega Digimon with maximum friendship can be fused with another Mega Digimon to create a Digi-egg, which will hatch into an "Awakened" Digimon (+1), repeating its Digivolution cycle. Awakened Digimon carries boosted stats, however the cost of Digivolution is significantly higher than its regular form, and will further increase with each Awakening stage. Currently it is possible for a Digimon to attain Awaken +4.


Chips can be installed on Digimon to enhance their stats. Some chips allow a further stat boost if installed on Digimon from certain tribes. Once installed, chips cannot be removed without a Removal Patch or performing Research on the Digimon.

Chip grades range from LS, SS, S and A to G, with LS being the highest grade. Enhancing chips to a higher grade requires several chips of the same type. E.g. 11 Type "G" chips are combined to form a Type "F" chip. The number of chips required for enhancing decreases by one chip for every grade.

Special event quests usually provide a means of attaining special event chips via Captures. In additional to stat boost, they may include an improvement on quest rewards. These chips may be kept and used for regular stat boost after the event.

All Champion Digimon are entitled to one chip slot. One additional slot is made available for the next form the Digimon digivolves into, and when it attains Awaken +2 and +4. Further expansions are possible using an expansion patch. A maximum of 10 chips may be installed at any time.

Currently it is only possible to attain chips via the Exchange or Captures. Players may not have access to chips until a Chip Factory is built.


While capturing Digimon, they will carry a random legacy skill. This is not restricted to a specific type (e.g. Digimon from the Blazing Tribe may receive a Water-type legacy skill). Legacy skills are always carried forward after Digivolution and Awakening.

Most legacy skills are available in 5 grades (labelled I, II, III, IV and V), with V being the most rare, but powerful skill.

Digimon may pass down their legacy skill to another Digimon. However, this will turn the former into data, while the receiving party would forget their original legacy skill for the new one.

Resistance Upgrade

At a cost of Digivolution Fuel, Digimon may also be sacrificed to another similar Digimon to upgrade the latter's type resistances. These upgrades are lost if the Digimon advances into the next Awakened status.

Obtainable Digimon

There are 260 Digimon in the game. However, some Mega Digimon may not be obtainable yet, as there are no means of collecting their respective Data Fragments.

In Training I

In Training II







It was originally announced for a 2015 release[2], but was later delayed to 2016. It was finally released in Japan on March 24, 2016 & worldwide on October 3, 2017. About a month before the game's global release, it was announced that the game would be available in 3 languages: English, Korean and Traditional Chinese.


Thus far the game has been well received, garnering a 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play and 3.8 out of 5 on Facebook.


  • Despite being a multi-player game, there is no name availability checker in use. Hence it is possible for more than one player to share the same username.
    • Because of this, players are not able to add friends by simply entering their username, but rather through co-op quests or by manually entering an 8-digit User Code (which is unique for every player).
  • It is possible for players to stylize their username with HTML tags and Hex color codes.
  • Most Digimon have different icons for each Awakened status.
  • The elements for each daily quest may be a reference to the names of the days in the Japanese calendar:
    • Monday (月曜日 getsuyōbi): Null
    • Tuesday (火曜日 kayōbi): Fire
    • Wednesday (水曜日 suiyōbi): Water
    • Thursday (木曜日 mokuyōbi): Nature
    • Friday (金曜日 kin'yōbi): Thunder
    • Saturday (土曜日 doyōbi): Dark
    • Sunday (日曜日 nichiyōbi): Light
  • Some facilities contain signs written in DigiCode:
    • Chip Factory: "For Construction" (こうじよう/工事用 Kōji-yō?)
    • Dojo: "Dojo" (どうじょう/道場 Dōjō?)
    • Exchange:
    • Any facilties building or upgrading in progress: "Under Construction" (こうじちゅう/工事中 Kōji-chū?)
  • List of text errors:
    • When attempting to expand chip slots without sufficient patches, a message will appear as "Unlock conditions not me."
    • In the player's friends list, the option to remove friends is labelled "Friend Removed", even though the friend has not yet been "removed".
    • In co-op quests, the owner may adjust the animation speed of Digimon attacks. Any other players attempting to do this will result in the message "Only the owner".


『デジモンリンクス』ティザ「Digimon Adventure Fes

『デジモンリンクス』ティザ「Digimon Adventure Fes. 2015」



デジモンリンクス 第2弾PV

デジモンリンクス 第2弾PV

デジモンリンクス 第3弾PV 配信中

デジモンリンクス 第3弾PV 配信中

デジモンリンクスPV「Tokuban Adventure Livestream」

デジモンリンクスPV「Tokuban Adventure Livestream」

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