Digimon Opening Best Spirit
NECA-30071 f
NECA-30071 b
Catalog Number:NECA-30071
Release Date:August 7, 2002
Price:¥ 2800

Digimon Opening Best Spirit is a multi-season album centered on the opening for the first four Digimon anime: Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Frontier.

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Butter-Fly" Kōji Wada 4:18
2. "Butter-Fly (TV Size)"
Kōji Wada 1:37
3. "Butter-Fly (Gekijou Size 1)"
(Butter-Fly(劇場サイズ 1)?
lit. "Butter-Fly (Theater Size 1)")
Kōji Wada 1:05
4. "Butter-Fly (Gekijou Size 2)"
(Butter-Fly(劇場サイズ 2)?
lit. "Butter-Fly (Theater Size 2)")
Kōji Wada 1:05
5. "Butter-Fly (Gekijou Size 3)"
(Butter-Fly(劇場サイズ 3)?
lit. "Butter-Fly (Theater Size 3)")
Kōji Wada 1:06
6. "Butter-Fly (Piano Version)"
Kōji Wada 2:23
7. "Target ~Akai Shougeki~"
lit. "Target ~Red Impact~")
Kōji Wada 4:26
8. "Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (TV Size)"
lit. "Target ~Red Impact~ (TV Size)")
Kōji Wada 1:32
9. "Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (Director's Version)"
lit. "Target ~Red Impact~ (Director's Version)")
Kōji Wada 3:39
10. "The Biggest Dreamer" Kōji Wada 3:51
11. "The Biggest Dreamer (TV Size)"
(The Biggest Dreamer(TVサイズ)?)
Kōji Wada 1:33
12. "FIRE!!" Kōji Wada 4:11
13. "FIRE!! (TV Size)"
Kōji Wada 1:33
14. "Butter-Fly (Original Karaoke)" Original Karaoke 4:17
15. "Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (Original Karaoke)"
(ターゲット~赤い衝撃~(Original Karaoke)?
lit. "Target ~Red Impact~ (Original Karaoke)")
Original Karaoke 4:28
16. "The Biggest Dreamer (Original Karaoke)" Original Karaoke 3:51
17. "FIRE!! (Original Karaoke)" Original Karaoke 4:13
18. "The Biggest Dreamer (Arrange Version)"
(The Biggest Dreamer(アレンジヴァージョン)?)
Kōji Wada 2:42
19. "FIRE!! (Arrange Version)"
Kōji Wada 2:33

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