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Playable characters

The initial playable characters in Digimon Racing are comprised of all the principle "rookie" level Digimon from the first season of the animated series (or Digimon Adventure in Japan).

  • Agumon: A short, orange, reptilian Digimon. A well-rounded racer who digivolves into Greymon.
  • Gabumon: A dog-like character with a large, single horn. His digivolution is Garurumon.
  • Biyomon (Piyomon in the Japanese version): A pink bird Digimon with an ankle bracelet. Her digivolution is Birdramon.
  • Palmon: A plant-like Digimon with a flower on her head and extensible vines for fingers. Her digivolution is Togemon.
  • Patamon: A small, orange character with bat-like wings for ears. He digivolves into Angemon.
  • Tentomon: A mechanical insect Digimon with electric abilities. His digivolution is Kabuterimon.
  • Gomamon: A small, white, seal Digimon with purple spots and red hair. His digivolution is Ikkakumon.
  • Salamon (Plotmon in the Japanese version): A Digimon who resembles a small puppy with a golden ring for a collar. Her digivolution is Gatomon.

Hidden characters

These are characters that are not available initially, but can be unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements.

  • Veemon (V-Mon in the Japanese version): A short, blue, reptilian Digimon with a headbutt attack. His digivolution is Flamedramon, and can be unlocked by getting first place in Grand Prix Mode with any character.
  • Guilmon: A red dinosaur Digimon with fiery breath. He digivolves into Growlmon (Growmon in the Japanese version) and can be unlocked by winning Time Trial Mode with any character.
  • Agunimon (Agnimon in the Japanese version): A large, humanoid Digimon with dragon-like armor. He digivolves into BurningGreymon (Vritramon in the Japanese version) and can be unlocked by winning Cup Mode with any character.

Other Characters

  • Omnimon (Omegamon in the Japanese version): A gigantic hybrid Digimon of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. He appears as the first boss of the game in the Factory stage.
  • Diaboromon: A huge virus Digimon with long, flailing limbs and sharp claws. He appears as the second boss of the game in the Digital Space stage.
  • MaloMyotismon: A massive white vampire-like cyborg Digimon. He appears as the third boss of the game in the Deep Jungle stage.

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