Digimon Ruki Dress Up
Digimon Ruki Dress Up
Developer(s) Dress Up Who
Genre(s) Dress Up
Mode(s) Single
Input Mouse

Digimon Ruki Dress Up is a Digimon game in the Dress Up line of games on Dress Up Who.


Players use the mouse to drag clothes to put on Ruki. It is also possible to change Ruki's face and hair, as well as the color of the background.

Many of the outfits contain references to Digimon Tamers. It includes a recreation of Ruki's default outfit as well as the whole-hearted version she obtains from her mother, Rumiko Nonaka Reunion, and the jacket and glasses she wore in Takato's dream-vision. Guilmon Comes Alive The game also features the dress she wore to a photoshoot for her mother Digital Beauty, her school uniform, her pajamas, and the outfit she wore to the D-1 Grand Prix, including the medal she won. O Partner, Where Art Thou? She can also wear the clothes of Takato Matsuki, Kazu Shioda, Kenta Kitagawa, and Suzie Wong, the shoes of Henry Wong and Jeri Katou, and Rumiko's red and pink version of her top.

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