Digimon Sounyuka Best Evolution is a multi-season album.

Digimon Sounyuka Best Evolution f

Front Cover

Digimon Sounyuka Best Evolution b

Back Cover


CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-30055
Format CDA
Release Date December 29, 2001
Price ¥ 3,000

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Brave Heart" Ayumi Miyazaki 4:11
2. "Break Up!" Ayumi Miyazaki 4:06
3. "Beat Hit!" Ayumi Miyazaki 4:18
4. "SLASH!!!" Oota Michihiko 3:56
6. "I Wish (Orgel Version)" Ai Maeda 2:08
7. "FOREVER FRIENDS" Hassy 5:06
8. "Now Is the Time!" Ai Maeda 4:11
9. "Butter-Fly (Piano Version)" Kouji Wada 2:20
10. "Sun Goes Down" Ai Maeda 5:17
11. "I'll Use My Courage as Wings" Toshiko Fujita 4:52
12. "Walk on the Edge" Yuuto Kazama 3:21
13. "3 Primary Colors" Tamers 4:40
14. "Shinka de Guts!" Digimon Shinkers 5:10
15. "Zettai All Right~Digimental Up!~" Armor Shinkers 4:58
16. "Issho ga li ne" Digimon Tamers 6:02
17. "Seven (Acoustic Version)" Kouji Wada 4:41

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