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Digimon Tamers: Single Best Parade is an album.

Tamers Single Hit Parade

Front Cover

Tamers Single Hit Parade b

Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number: NECA-30070
Format: CDA
Release Date: 02.4.3
Price: ¥ 3,200

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "The Biggest Dreamer" Kouji Wada 3:51
2. "My Tomorrow" Ai Maeda 4:28
3. "Issho ga Ī ne" Digimon Tamers 6:01
4. "Kaze" Kouji Wada 3:51
6. "Himawari" Ai Maeda 3:53
7. "One Vision" Takayoshi Tanimoto 4:10
8. "SLASH!!!" Oota Michiko 3:59
9. "Fragile Heart" Ai Maeda 5:10
10. "3 Primary Colors" Tamers 4:42
11. "Days ~Aijō To Nichijō~ (THANKS VERSION 1)" Ai Maeda 5:37
12. "Yūhi no Yakusoku" Fumiko Orikasa 3:23

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