Digimon Tamers: Song Carnival (デジモンテイマーズ ソングカーニバル) is an album.

Song festival f

Front Cover

Song festival b

Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-30046
Format CDA
Release Date September 5, 2001
Price ¥ 2,500

Track listing

# Title Translation Artist Length
1. "Starting Point" Kouji Wada, Ai Maeda And Oota Michihiko 4:03
2. "Otoko Shibuki" Manly Spray Yukiko Tamaki & Aoyama Youko
(Hirokazu Shiota & Kenta Kitagawa)
3. "Asobo Culu Culu" Let's Play Culu Culu Kaneda Tomoko
4. "Shaochung to Terriermon no Okkakekko Duet" Ai Nagano & Aoi Tada 4:26
5. "Black intruder" Hiroki Takahashi 3:55

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