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This is a list of items available in Digimon World.

Amazing Rod

Blue Apple

Blue Crystal

Black Trout

Chain Melon

The Chain Melon can add extra life expectancy.


Digimushrm (デジタケ Dejitake?) is an item.

Digital Anchovy

Digital Catfish

Digital Mushroom

Digital Seabass

The Digital Seabass can add extra life expectancy.

Digital Snapper

Electro Ring

The Electo Ring (電気リング Denki Ringu?, lit. "Electric Ring") is an unused item that would have been used to digivolve a Digimon into the unreleased Kaminarimon. It is the only remnant of Kaminarimon to exist.


Meat ( Niku?) is a food.

Tanemon gives the Protagonist three pieces of Meat every day until the Meat Farm is taken over by Palmon.

Moon Mirror

Moon Mirror (月光の鏡 Gekkou no Kagami?) is an unused item that would have been used to digivolve a Digimon to WereGarurumon.


The Waterbottle is an item.

If the Protagonist catches Seadramon in Dragon's Eye Lake a second time, he can choose to receive the Waterbottle from it.

Notes and references

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