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Walter island

This level is stated easy but firstly you have to Go up and right open the chest by pressing x and then you will meet an otamamon and you will know how to beat it with megumis instruction as it is your tutorial and soon you have to go left and right to a two way stone block go to the right way and get instructions from megumi and then go forward and to the left and ypu will see a save point and you will reach the boss . And you will aso reach another chest if you go left near the left way of the two way stone block and you will see a castle and then open the treasure chest and go down to the lowest right after you cross the right way of the two way stone block and open the treasure chest there . After you beat the boss go to map in DATS HQ and go back to walter island and move marcus to the boss , tylomons locations and then forward and right and open the treasure chest .

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