You begin by selecting your gender and naming your character. Then you can choose one of 4 starter "packs" (Balanced, Attack, Speed, and Japanese) of Digimon. Each pack contains Coronamon and 2 other Digimon of either the Holy, Dragon, Aquan, or Bird species. Following that, and some dialouge, you can wander the coliseum and pick up tips from NPCs or begin fighting. The first 3 fights happen consecutively, with the number and level of your opponent's Digimon increasing in every battle. First up you take on a Kokuwamon, followed in the second fight by a Gabumon and a MameTyramon, and finally a Golemon, Volcamon, and a Mushroomon. After winning those matches you are declared the winner of your group. More dialouge, and then you can fight the winner of the other group, from Night Claw, for the Normal Tournament championship. The final fight pits you against Lilamon, MachGaogamon, and Lunamon. After the battle, there's another scene, this involving a shady hooded character trying to enter the coliseum. Afterwards you are sent back to SunshineCITY. Chief Glare gives you your reward for winning the tournament, a card for your own Farm Island. From there you can explore the city or head straight to your Tamer Home. Once you head home, Gatomon will explain some of the features of your Tamer Home, then tell you to rest. While you sleep, a virus invades the city and causes almost all the Digimon to degenerate back to eggs. After you wake up and reach the Union Room, you fight the virus. However, your Digimon are all at their Rookie stages thanks to the virus' power. At the end of that fight, Glare talks to you some more and then instructs you to check out Login Mountain. You are then free to explore the city and the outside world more, or take on the next quest, "Fly to Login Mountain."

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