The virus is defeated for now, but the damage is severe. Chief wants you to investigate Login Mountain. Before you head out you can go exchange your Farm Island Card for a Basic Island. Since you have 400 bits by now you can grab some healing items and maybe a weapon for one of your Digimons. Head past the city guards and you'll find out that three kids ran off on their own. Follow them, or you can check out the coliseum for any tutorials you want to hear again. Head to Login Mountain. You should meet one of your friend, Kenpa. She'll head back town because she didn't bring any Digiar or Gatedisks. If you haven't either it's not too late to go back and get them. You'll find a Digimin 80S and GateDisk in the second map. You can never have too many GateDisks, since it's a full heal item. If you're low on HP and recovery items, don't push it. Accept the fact that your two Digimons are weak. The best skill at this point would be Gatling Punch. It attacks twice and yet still does decent damage. If you perform two attacks on the same enemy and the enemy gets killed by the first blow, your second blow will automatically target another Digimon. Getting lost is a necessary evil but it can help you train your digimons as well. You don't have any Digimons fully scanned nor have a high level Digimon either. I'd recommend building up two Rookies to level 10 at least. You'll come across two of your pals and AquiLamon. AquiLamon is at level 30, but it's not that hard. Your Coronamon can probably do 1:1 and win. After you defeat AquiLamon, you find out that it was affected by the virus. You can head back to the chief now.

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