InsectPlant Species Quest 07: Minervamon Challenge

  • Description: Go visit Minervamon in Palette Amazon
  • Client: Okuwamon
  • Difficulty: DWDSDifStarDWDSDifStarDWDSDifStarDWDSDifStar
  • Prerequisites: Have "lazy" Okuwamon in Farm
  • Tasks:
  1. Talk to Okuwamon in the Farm
  2. Meet Minervamon in Palette Amazon
  3. Find and fight Deramon (lvl 43)
  4. Find and fight Minervamon (lvl 63)
  5. Report to Okuwamon in the Farm
  6. Recieve a reward at the quest counter
  • Reward: Tamer Points: 220, Reward Bits: 14240, Reward item: Speed RingT
  • Summary:


What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?

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Minervamon wants a fight, so a fight she gets. She waits for you at the entrance of Pallete Amazon. Despite being inspired (in name) by Minerva, Roman Goddess of Wisdom, she doesn't seem to be impressed with you, and so she tells you to fight Deramon to prove your worth. It's a pretty big leap from a worthy fight, especially considering the difference in levels, but, since she is setting the rules for later appearances, it is worth the slight effort it takes to pulverize him. Follow the road left until you find him. After you decimate him, which will NOT take long, (he's a wimp) he wishes you luck and tells you that Minervamon awaits you further down. There is only really one route to go, so follow it until she meets you again. This time, she seems to believe you actually DID defeat Mercurymon and accepts your challenge. After the fight, she admits defeat and commends you on your strength, entrusting the future of the world on your shoulders. Gate disk your way back to the City, talk to Okuwamon and get your reward at the quest counter!

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