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Dokamon t
Appears in:Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Motoko Kumai
Partner(s):Eri Karan
App Fusion Partner (+ Perorimon)
App Fusion Partner (+ Coachmon)

Dokamon is Eri Karan's Buddy Appmon.


Main article: Dokamon#Design


Dokamon does have a tendency to end his sentences with "(de)wasu((で)わす)"


  • Dokadoka Rush: Surrounds itself with an aura and flies towards the opponent like a meteor while punching them multiple times.
  • Dokan Punch: Flies towards the enemy whilst surrounding himself with comet-like energy, then delivers a punch.


Other Forms

Gatchmon plus Dokamon

Dokamon plus Navimon

Dokamon plus Navimon is the Applinked form of Dokamon and Navimon.

On November 26, this form was used in the final round of the Appmon Championship.


Dosukomon is the App Fused form of Dokamon and Perorimon.

On November 5, after an infected Gomimon forcibly threw away Perorimon's recipes, Eri App Fused her two Appmon into the fighting game Appmon, Dosukomon. When Gomimon goes to try and throw away Gatchmon, Dosukomon easily defeats and cures him. The Finest Gourmet Report! Gourmet App Perorimon!


  • Jet Harite (ジェット張手 Jetto Harite?, lit. "Jet Speed Slap"): Uses its thrusters to fly to the enemy at high speeds, then hits them with the palm of his gauntlets.
  • Jet Headbutt: Flies towards the enemy at high speeds with his thrusters, then delivers a headbutt.


Oujamon is the App Fusion of Dosukomon and Coachmon.

Notes and references

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