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Dondokomon is a Musical Instrument Digimon. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere when a disturbance occurs, it is a festival-loving Digimon that pounds out a hot rhythm and stirs up the place. Its wave, which shakes the body to the core with that characteristic rhythm, stimulates the listener's nerves and gets them completely excited. Although it's not wrong for it to get people excited at games, if by some chance Dondokomon shows up at a brawl, it will definitely grow into a battle royal which swallows up even the excited onlookers, causing a catastrophe. Although in person it seems that it will just be cheering, it is actually about to resound its "Dondoko Ondo", and anyone who interrupts its performances will be punished with its certain-kill "Midareuchi Rush".[2]


  • Dondoko March (ドンドコ音頭 Dondoko Ondo?): Resounds a rhythm which raises the tension between friend and foe alike, and there isn't anything that will settle the commotion.
  • Dondoko Rush (乱れ打ちラッシュ Midareuchi Rush?, lit. "Random-drumming Rush"): Randomly fires shock waves.
  • Extreme Taiko (極め太鼓 Kiwame Daiko?, lit. "Mastered Drum")


Dondokomon is a wooden taiko (太鼓? lit. "Drum") with black eyes, a zigzag-shaped mouth, drum sticks for arms, tiny legs, and purple feet with three claws on each foot. It wears a red headband with "Festival" ( Matsuri?), written on it. It also has "Do" (?) written on its back.


Dondokomon (ドンドコモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used through the franchise.


Digimon FusionEdit

Main article: Dondokomon (Fusion)

Notes and referencesEdit

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