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Dracomon is a native of Dragon Land that joins Blue Flare right before they merge into the Fusion Fighters United Army.



Dracomon is a resident of Dragon Land. He is attacked by Devidramon, after being surrounded by DarkTyrannomon, Megadramon, Brachiomon and Flarerizamon, but is saved by Taiki and Shoutmon. After ZeekGreymon destroys Dorbickmon, Dracomon joins Blue Flare, which he admires.

Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland! Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!

During the final battle with MegaDarknessBagramon and the Bagra Army, Kiriha digixroses Dracomon with Cyberdramon to form CyberDracomon. When MegaDarknessBagramon attacks the entire battlefield with a fiery attack, CyberDracomon xros opens back to Dracomon. When Taiki returns from inside MegaDarknessBagramon with the Code Crown, Shoutmon, and Beelzemon, Dracomon fires off attacks alongside the rest of the Fusion Fighters United Army to destroy MegaDarknessBagramon's flames. Once the flames are gone, Dracomon joins all the other Digimon in digixrosing to Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode.


  • Baby Breath
  • Tail Smash
  • G Shurunen

Other formsEdit



6-54 CyberDracomon

CyberDracomon is the DigiFuse of Dracomon and Cyberdramon.

Christopher performs the DigiFuse during the final battle against the Bagra Army's Human World Invasion Force. He does well against the attacking forces until MegaDarknessBagramon fires upon his own troops. The resulting attack sends acid that looks like flames on the all forces. CyberDracomon is caught and, though he frees himself, is hurt and forced to retreat. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Death Divider: Spins in a tornado, cutting all in its path.

Other DigifusesEdit

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