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Ekakimon is a Mutant Digimon whose name and design are derived from Oekaki (お絵描き? lit. "Doodling"). It was adopted from the "Taiki & Shoutmon" winning entry in the "2011 Original Digimon Contest" which belonged to Chicchi.

Digimon Fusion

Main article: Ekakimon (Fusion)


  • Colorful Change
  • Mini Mini Ekakimon
  • Ekakikaki (エカキカキ? lit. "Artist's Sketch"): Licks a drawing and brings it to life.

"Ekakimon + ShimaUnimon"

"Ekakimon + ShimaUnimon" is an unnamed spoof Digimon who is the DigiFuse of Ekakimon and ShimaUnimon. Ekakimon becomes all black and white with a red head. A Great UFO-Dragon Gathering! Ekakimon of Dreams

Notes and references

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