Evilbeast Laylamon
(リリスモン Lilithmon)
6-48 Evilbeast Laylamon
Debut Digimon Fusion,
"Beelzemon's Revenge" [48]
Prior forms Laylamon + Blastmon + Digital Underworld[1]
Partners Bagra Army
Voice actors (Ja:) Houko Kuwashima (Xros Wars)
(En:) Cindy Robinson (Fusion)

Evilbeast Laylamon is the DigiFuse of Laylamon and Blastmon with the power of the Digital Underworld. Beelzemon's Revenge.


Evilbeast Laylamon consists of Laylamon fused unto Blastmon's head from the waist down and assuming a massive, bestial form.


Lilithmon (リリスモン)

Name used in the Toei summary for Beelzemon's Revenge. Shares official romanization with Lilithmon.

Evilbeast Laylamon

Name used in the American English version of Digimon Fusion and in American English media.

  • En: Evilbeast. From "evil" and "beast".
  • Ivrit: Layla (לילה? lit. "night"). May refer to one of the titular figures of the Persian love story Layla and Majnun, who inspires an obsessive, maddening love.


Digimon Fusion

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