Omegamon Zwart D b
Appears in:Digimon World -Next 0rder-
Partner(s):Shoma Tsuzuki

The Enforcer (執行者 Shikkousha?) is an Omegamon Zwart D and is completely shrouded in mystery.[1] Shoma Tsuzuki later names him Noir (ノワール Nowāru?).




Other Forms

Omnimon Alter-B

DWN0 - Omegamon Alter-B

Omegamon Alter-B is the Enforcer's digivolved form. It was reached through Ultimate Altered Digivolution.


  • Transcendent Cannon/Supreme Sword (Grey Cannon & Garuru Sword): Launches consecutive attacks from the Garuru Sword on its right arm and the Grey Cannon on its left arm.

Notes and references

  1. V Jump, January 2016 issue.

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