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ARE U A BELIVER is a digimon fansite focusing on digimon, as explained in the title, being real creatures. Supposedly, there are certain features which can only be accessed by being a member of the site. And everyone who is a member also believes in digimon being real. The website supposedly carries articles of digimon being real, or proof that they are real, or about other believers. It is actually quite a simple site for people who aren't members. Although there is one feature updated every once in a while, called "Project Digiportal".

Project Digiportal

The website claims to be developing a program called the Project Digiportal. Project Digiportal is supposedly meant to transport people, humans, to the digital world. At the most recent update, the developers claim there is a 55% chance it will work but insist that the program won't be posted until they reach 100% and thus getting humans to the, or a, digital world. There is no proof, however, that such a program even exists.



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