A Bad Reflection On You is the thirty-eighth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Lilithmon hatches her latest plan: her latest Digimon, Mercurymon, & a team of four Claymon will go to Earth & masquerade as the DigiDestined. Once they arrive on Earth, Mercurymon & his Claymon disguise themselves as the DigiDestined, with Mercurymon as Taylor. They also have to wear dark sunglasses to hide their red eyes.

The fake DigiTeens enter Tokyo High School & start sabotaging the school's drinking fountain by pouring soap powder into it. Brick & Stick walk by, with Stick hitting on the fake Maggie. Soon, Mr. Makuta goes to have a drink, but gets squirted in the face with soap powder. Makuta yells at the teens that they're going into detention! The imposters then leave, just as the real DigiDestined exit a classroom. They see what's happening, & Taylor turns the fountain off. But unfortunately, the five are forced to take the blame for what their doppelgangers did by sharing detention with Brick & Stick.

Meanwhile, Mercurymon & his twin DigiDestined, now with fake Digimon, attack downtown Tokyo.

Back at the school, the real DigiDestined discover first hand what Brick & Stick do whenever they're in detention. Soon, when Brick pulls out a TV from his schoolbag, there's a news report that the "DigiDestined" are attacking innocent people downtown. The five friends are shocked to see this & want to stop them, but they can't since they're in detention. However, Spencer has an idea. He asks Brick & Stick if they would like to see a magic trick. The two bullies agree, & Spencer asks them to cover both their eyes & ears, & start counting to ten.

Soon, the DigiDestined summon their Digimon & teleport downtown, just as Minervamon & the twin DigiDestined cause havoc! And so, it's DigiDestined against DigiDestined! Spencer & Mammothmon, Nicky & Triceramon, Carly & Dinotigermon, & Maggie & Pteramon easily defeat their clones, who turn back into Claymon, as Taylor & Tyrannomon manages to defeat Mercurymon & shed his disguise. Then, the DigiDestined destroy Mercurymon with their DigiBlaster tower formation & the DigiBlaster! Not too long, the citizens of Tokyo show up & thank the DigiDestined for getting rid of the imposters.

Back at Tokyo High, Brick & Stick notice that the teens have disappeared, so they report it to Mr. Makuta. But, the five DigiDestined quickly teleport back into the classroom in time. Brick & Stick are confused on how they did it, & Taylor & Maggie explain that it was all done with mirrors. The five teens then head home, while Brick & Stick are stuck with even more detention.

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