A Digimon's Tale is the fourtieth episode & last episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Morgan has written a novel about the Digimon Holders, as a fictional story to keep the truth a secret. Morgan explains the story of their adventures. All the Digimon have been brought back. SilverStingmon also brought back all the Earth Holders from the Advent Void, healed them & whipped all their memories of being Digimon Holders, then put them back where they started. SilverStingmon even got rid of Charlie's bad luck, & Charlie is now in the Marines. Austin told SilverStingmon that he didn't want to be a Digimon Holder anymore. Austin & Samantha are working together. Kurt decided to be a Digimon Holder for good & is now officially a part of the family as Gallantmon. Tom is working full time for the No Men, helping them set up links with the Digimon governments. Mira is learning patience. Lauren is working with Morgan at the new Gale's bookstore which now has a clothing department. Morgan is signing books for people. Mako apologizes to Morgan about her camera. Morgan & Pete are now a couple. SilverStingmon cured Kurt's dad. SilverStingmon also explained that there are many more worlds behind the mirrors, & many more dangers that could threaten the Digital World & Earth, but the Digimon Holders will be ready!

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