A Holder's Resolve is the twenty-second episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Sakuyamon easily defeats the Minions.

In the hospital, Kurt's dad talks to Kurt again, telling him that he's disappointing him, & says he doesn't know how much longer he's going to last.

Morgan informs Tom that they got Kurt's dad back, & Johnny is Justimon.

Derek tells himself, to Alan, that Gallantmon is history. Murmuxmon tells Derek that he knows what it feels like, & tells him that he lost a whole world. Then Murmuxmon tells Derek that he can't let him Vent Gallantmon, not until he's done with Beelzemon. But Derek says he doesn't care about that stuff, nobody hurts his family. Then Derek tells Murmuxmon that he can take back the money. Murmuxmon then shows his true form & picks Derek up with his mind & tells Derek that he owns him & either do what he says or he will get what Alan got. So Derek tells him that he will stay away from Gallantmon.

Mako has Cancermon, Gakkmon, Andromon, Depthmon & Sleipmon's Digi-Decks. Kurt asks Mako if it gets easier Venting people. Mako tells Kurt that he doesn't have anymore advice for him & explains that he's not supposed to be the leader, & the only reason why he's the leader is because he's the only one left, & explains that he was the lone wolf, the one they sent out when the sun went down, & he's better as a fighter - not talking, not giving advice - it's not his job, it's not what he's good at. But Kurt explains that he is good at it, he leads by example, & everything he learned about being a Digimon Holder, he learned watching him. They sense a portal opening & head off on their motorcycles. Kurt decides to show off & speed ahead of him.

Gallantmon is attacked by TigerVespamon. TigerVespamon tells Gallantmon that Murmuxmon will be next, right after he finishes with him. TigerVespamon pulls out his Final Vent Card to Vent Gallantmon, but is suddenly attacked by Sakuyamon. Sakuyamon orders the impostor to take off that armor. Sakuyamon uses "Sword Vent" (with 2,000+ Attack Points) -- summons her weapon. Sakuyamon easily takes down TigerVespamon, but TigerVespamon retreats. Sakuyamon then attacks Gallantmon, thinking he's partner with TigerVespamon. Gallantmon tries explaining to her that he's fighting for the Digital World, but she doesn't believe him. Beelzemon finally arrives, he tells Sakuyamon that if she wants to Vent Gallantmon, she's going to have to get through him first. But Sakuyamon says Mako's name & asks him if he's siding with the enemy. Beelzemon is confused. Sakuyamon de-transforms, Keira asks Mako what is going on, & why he's protecting Murmuxmon's Holders. Beelzemon de-transforms, Mako realizes that it's Keira, & not one of Murmuxmon's Holders, & is shocked to see that she is still alive.

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