Years and years after the original digi-destined dispursed, a new emperor arose and took possession of the lesser-known digital world. His actual name is Nathan, and is still currently in control over the digital world. He gained ultimate power by raising his partner digimon, black agumon into a powerful blackwargreymon whom he then DNA digivolved with to become blackwargreymon X. Blackwargreymon X (Nathan) took down every digimon and human alike who posed a threat in the digital world. He easily gained control over the digital world, as no resistence rose up to defy him. He befriended all of the past digi destined, so they no longer posed a threat to him. Nathan also found that a powerful spirit digimon favored him, which was the spirit of fire, or agunimon. Nathan began to spirit digivolve with the spirit of fire, due to his corrupt spirit, the product digimon of this special digivolution was a BlackEmperorGreymon, which he found to be much more powerful than Blackwargreymon X. Nathan later found a way to manipulate the spirits with his virus, and took his power to the next level by spirit digivolving into a BlackSusanoomon, which was perceptually the most powerful digimon in the digital world. Nathan currently still silently rules over the digital world, who will rise against him? If any?

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