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A Pressing Engagement
(Riraiansu! Teirā to kare no yūjin!)
"Reliance! Teira & his Friends!"

A Pressing Engagement is the fourth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


At the Juice Bar, Taylor is trying to break Brick's benchpressing record, but is unable to do so, because while he is doing that Maggie blows a huge bubble the size of her head when Spencer comes by on a skate board & pops her bubble. He doubts his ability to succeed & fears he will become known as a quitter. The other DigiDestined try to comfort him but have mixed success.

At the Moon Palace, Lilithmon believes that Taylor is not tough without his friends to help him. She decides to isolate Taylor from the others & destroy him, & has Wisemon create AncientSphinxmon to separate the other DigiDestined from him by using his powerful wings to blow them away.

Lilithmon's plan succeeds as AncientSphinxmon & a group of Claymon attack the Earth. Taylor, Maggie, & Spencer rush to face him, but AncientSphinxmon blows Spencer & Maggie back to the Juice Bar. He then battles Taylor, & the two are quite evenly matched until AncientSphinxmon teleports them to a desert-like area. MadLeomon joins the fray, helping AncientSphinxmon fight Taylor.

At the Command Center, Seraphimon summons the rest of the DigiDestined & alerts them to Taylor's struggle. Somehow, the desert can't be reached, & the only way to help Taylor is to send him their Digi-Crystals, which would allow the DigiDestined to teleport to the area.

In the desert, Lilithmon has made AncientSphinxmon & MadLeomon grow. Seraphimon sends the Digi-Crystals, which Taylor uses to summon the other DigiDestined. They make their Digimon digi-grow, & fight both MadLeomon & AncientSphinxmon with DinoOmnimon. Eventually they gain the upperhand when they summon the Digi-Sword, destroying AncientSphinxmon. MadLeomon retreats, & on the moon, Lilithmon is furious.

Back at Hojo's juice bar, Taylor is able to break Brick's benchpressing record. Brick himself arrives with Stick, claiming he will reclaim his record. Hojo brings out a cake for all to enjoy, which Brick promptly ends up having his face smashed into when he trips on a weight, ending the episode on a high note.

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