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A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born is the thirty-second episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Alex & Brick both announce that they are trying out for a Martial Arts commercial, & the auditions are being held at Tokyo High. On the moon, Lilithmon is feeling under the weather, & instructs MadLeomon to take over the world & destroy the DigiDestined as she rests.

Brick obviously flunks the audition, but is told by an exasperated & sarcastic judge, "looks like we found our man." Believing her, Brick flaunts this information in front of Alex, somewhat distracting him & causing some doubt.

The other DigiDestined are playing ball at the beach when Minervamon arrives with a platoon of Claymon. The DigiDestined summon their Digimon & do battle at the beach as Alex prepares for his audition. Minervamon traps the DigiDestined in some sort of cocoon, through which they are unable to communicate or teleport. The Claymon proceed to roll them off a cliff. Seraphimon & Kokuwamon attempt to contact Alex, but he left his CCC in his bag out in the hall as he goes in for his audition. However, he aces the audition & is spoken to by the judges afterward.

The DigiDestined manage to escape the cocoon as Seraphimon has Kokuwamon Digi-Grow the DigiDestined's Digimon. They are teleported to alongside the Digimon as MadLeomon sends down Giromon, a bomb-themed monster with the personality of a baseball player. They first attempt to attack using their individual Digimon, but the combined power of Giromon, MadLeomon, & Minervamon is too much. Seraphimon does manage to contact Alex, however, & he arrives with Coredramon. The Digimon merge into BattleCoredramon, & with Tyrannomon on remote control, they manage to destroy Giromon, causing MadLeomon & Minervamon to retreat. But Minervamon quickly comes back, attacking Tokyo while commanding a large bug-like Digimon. The DigiDestined disassemble BattleCoredramon & form DinoOmnimon. The Digimon traps the DigiDestined & DinoOmnimon in another cocoon, but Coredramon's tail drill breaks them free. Then forming CoreOmnimon, they finish off the bug Digimon. Lilithmon is furious that MadLeomon failed to defeat the DigiDestined & forbids him from ever doing so again without her presence.

Back at the Youth Center, the commercial airs. Brick did indeed get the part; the part of the bumbling untrained karate wannabe, contrasted against Alex's skill.

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