"Wow this is the human world, Just as I remember it, so pretty but not for long, mwuhahahahahahaaaa!"

"What can't you beat me, you're weak, I'd say come back when you're stronger but there won't be a next time. OMEGAAAAAAA SWORD!"Roared Imperialdramon Palidin Mode "graaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you think you've won but I will be baaaaaaaaack!" "I can't belive he came back as a real digimon this won't be good we've got alot more fights ahead of us!" Shouted Imperialdramon PM to Davis,Ken,Matt and Tai who were hiding behind a fallen tree.

"What were am I" "You are in the world of descisions If you can beat me you can go back to the human world!" exclaimed Reapermon "OK then HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TEEERRRAAAA DEEESTRRROOOYYYEEEEERRRR!!!!!!!!" Shouted BlackWarGreymon. "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"Roared Reapermon

"I'm back, did you miss me!"shouted BWgreymon to Wargreymon "What, no it can't be possible I destroyed you as Imperialdramon PM, huh, you deafeated reapermon didn't you, well awnser me!" shouted Wgreymon "Yes it's true I defeated that weakling but I absorbed most his energy, but I left enough for him to stay alive. now to defeat you and upload you're data TEEEEERRRRRAAAAA DEEEEESSSSSTRRRRRROOOOOYYYYYEEEEERRRRR!" BOOM. Wgreymon barely survived it. "Ankylo tail" "Grand horn" "strike of the seven stones" "vulcans hammer" "wing blade" "flower cannon" "fire tornado" "horn buster" BOOM "Take that!" shouted ankylomon,aquilamon, seraphamon, zudomon, garudamon, lilymon, magnadramon and mega kabuterimon.

"THAT was you're best shot wow you're more pathetic than I thought TEEERRRAAAA DEEESTRRROOOYYYEEEEERRRR!"

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