It was the 24th of December, the day before christmas. In another dimension, which we know as the digital world, a villan named sukrakinmon had plans to take the world.

zoom in to zach kino, a 12 year old who is waiting for his christmas presents. The next day, a card is mailed through his door. and then it freezes time. it says:

you cannot tell anyone about this card, for it is the card that fufills your destiny. you must take this card and hide it. The fate of the world depends on you. this card will now morph into a digivice.

he had heard of these before, and it did. then suddenly, POOF, a digiegg appeared. the note said:

care and do not let others know you have this.

You are DigiDestined.

Your duty is to save the world.

Good luck.

and time then unfroze. he did as he was told. hand he wnet to sleep.

The next day, the egg hatched. and the digimon (rookie now) said "hi, i am izemon, and im your partner for life!

IZEMON Level:Rookie Attacks:ize blaster Digivolves from:Chrystahlmon

"you, are my digimon?"

"the one and only, king of frozen items, izemon! i was just created. im the only izemon to have ever existed.

Suddenly, a Kuwagamon broke the roof!

KUWAGAMON Level:Champion Attacks:Scizzor claw Digivolves from: unknown

Quick issue my attack, ize blaster!

he shouted the attack, and izemon blasted the ice from his wrist.

will he get the kuwagamon? find out next time...

(under construction)

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