Title Ultimate Lifeform
Level Mega
Type Kentaurus Android
Attribute Vaccine
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Andromon (With Centarumon's Data)

The experiment, E.D.E.N.32, found itself trapped in the Digimon Classic Universe at a specific point in time. When confronted by the protagonists in this universe, most of whom were at Mega Level with their Partner Digimon, EDEN didn't know how to adapt to such a powerful Digimon presented to itself, since it's initial programming was designed with only knowledge up to the Ultimate Level. When this new situation presented itself, EDEN fleed and cycled through it's prior forms of Ultimate Level Digimon that it had achieved, only to be cornered by both hero and villain alike. With this, EDEN had no choice and reformatted itself in it's Andromon form with Centarumon Data, thus digivolving into it's true form, Adaamon, which is the only form it had obtained up to this point that was actually Mega Level. However, due to the digivolution into this form, it ended up Mode Locking itself into it, and thus lost it's signature ability to be practically any other Digimon available to it. With no other choice but to fight, Adaamon reveals the final bits of signs that it's gained sentience after so many years:

"Your forms... They are... Powerful..."

In terms of weaponry gained with this new form, Adaamon is no push over by any means. That silk-like scarf it has as a tail-like extension? It's tip can pierce through the toughest of armor like nobody's business, and the drill cannon mounted on the left hand will ensure nothing remains of said armor after the initial pierce was made. It's "EDEN Gauntlet", is designed to completely cripple any organic Digimon it touches with many volatile status conditions, to where even Cyborg of Machine Digimon aren't even safe from it's touch. It's quad set of legs, while in an awkward build, allow Adaamon to function on every type of terrain, and can even allow it to hover above surfaces. The only weakness that Adaamon has is that, while it's unpredictable with it's attack pattern, it's head armoring is not as tough as you'd think, but targeting this spot won't be easy due to Adaamon's sheer agility, and it's combined ability to cut and gun down anything in it's sights.