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This story is not related to any recent digimon narratives. It was written by Timoniolo.

'Marcus Damon:'Bold text Where are we, Agumon? You were born here right?

'Agumon (Savers):'Bold text But, boss, I was hatched in the human world...

'Marcus Damon:'Bold text Arrgh! The digital world is too big! This is such a far walk!

Agumon (Savers): We can always go back to the human world. Your dad, Spencer managed to survive.

Marcus Damon: That's right. Let's carry on walking until we manage to see a digi-gate. The old man, Yushima, said that the digital barrier might be broken again.. and we can go back home!

Agumon (Savers): Yeah! Let's get a move on!

Meanwhile, not far away from there, Royal Knights meeting...

Omnimon: We need advice from the humans and that is final.

Dynasmon: Why the humans?

Omnimon: They saved us. They have proven themselves wise. It would be a pleasure to see them again.

Dynasmon: Who made you our leader? We can decide on ourselves.

Gallantmon: Guys... Omnimon is right. We do seek advice. Probably from the humans.

Omnimon: Any suggestions of how to get a digi-gate my royal companions?

Dynasmon: W-w-w-well, we can always see Piedmon.. he's smart... he can send us.

Omnimon: He's a clown! That's impossible.

Dynasmon: No.. no. We must go to the human world. We need advice, sir Omnimon. (Dynasmon grins) Well I'm going anyway. I've not seen the human world for a long time. If you need me, I'll be in Piedmon's empire.

Omnimon: It's dangerous!

Dynasmon: Do I look as if I care, sir?

Gallantmon: After him! What's wrong with him! That fool!

All the Royal Knights take off... Soon, they arrive.

Piedmon: Oooh... visitors!

Dynasmon (who was here first): Piedmon!

Piedmon: You! Royal Knight! Be gone with you! And don't be planning an attack!

Dynasmon: What...? What...?

Piedmon: Yes! Yes! That's all you do! You bring your armies and foil my plans!

Dynasmon: No.. I come in peace!

Piedmon: Peace? Well what do you wa-...

Omnimon and the rest arrive.

Omnimon: Dynasmon!

Piedmon: You cold-blooded liar! You brought the rest. I knew it, you were tricking me again!

Dynasmon: No it's not like that...

Omnimon: What is this about?

Piedmon: Fools! I'm ready now! I will feed on your power! You will never attack me again from now on!

Omnimon: Wha-

Gallantmon: That blinding red light!

To continue..

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