Aguilmon is a villain in Digimon DX.He wants to kill and absorb Gazimon in order to become perfect.He has an orangish aura around him.He fights Gazimon in the first episode of sason 1 and is apparently killed by Lucemon.

Later in season 1's finale he loans his power to Gazimon in order to become Goldenmon to defeat Blackwargreymon X.He is last seen in season 1 with a human who is said to be Taichi Kamiya's descendant.

He later appears in season 2 and diivolves into Groymon to fight MetalGreymon but is overpowered until Jay's(his partner) DX symbol is activated letting him digivolve to Wargroymon.He defeats MetalGreymon with his Digi-Blast attack.

He is never seen again after the battle with Demi-Lords.He is only seen in the movie Digimon DX:Lucemon's Final Blowout as Omnilantmon who assist's Darkdramon in ending lucemon's terror.


Groymon is Aguilmon's Champion form.He digivolves to this form when a flock of Greymon attack a village of Tsunomon.He defeats them with the help of Gazimon's Champion form. He later appears when MetalGreymon defeats Angemon.He comes just in the right time and socks MetalGreymon Right in the nose.He is severly wounded until Jay stands up to MetalGreymon by stomping him on the toe.Enraged MetalGreymon slashes at Jay,but Groymon digivolves into WarGroymon and defeats him. Attacks: Knight slash- strikes foe with a blade on his arm.

        Groy Punch- punches foe
        Groy impale- impales foe and blastes them


He is the Ultimate form of Aguilmon.He is used to destroy MetalGreymon.Not much is known about him except that he is super strong. Attacks: Digi-Blast -Blastes foe with to cannons on chest.

        Exceler Blade-Slashes foe with blades on arm
        Final Eraser-Uses all weapons on body

He is a biomerged form of Jay and Aguilmon.He appears in the Digimon DX movie.He defeats evil Cherubimon and Shinegreymon Ruin mode,but is no match for Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode. Attacks:Amber Fire-fires beams from his Wolf Head

       Eternal Lance-his lance comes from his dragon head and fires a slash at opponents
       Highest class-Releases adeath ball from his body

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