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Level Rookie
Type Reptile
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Size 20G
Prior forms Blain Murray
Next forms Greymon
Partners Blain Murray

Agumon+ is a Reptile Digimon+ whose name and design are derived from Agumon +. It is one of the few Digimon+, and was the first successful one at that. Using the power of the mysterious Digivice+, it is able to Digivolve to higher levels.

Digimon+ Adventure 01

Agumon+ (Digimon+ 01)

Digimon+ Adventure 02

When Blain loses the DNA of Agumon, he sets out to find out what happened and get it back.


Human Form

  • Baby Flame (Human Form): Shoots a fireball from its' hand.
  • Agu-Claw (Human Form): A fiery aura surrounds its' hand, forming a claw of pure fire.

Digimon Form

  • Baby Flame (Digimon Form): Shoots a fireball of varying strength from its mouth.
  • Agu-Claw (Digimon Form): Attacks with its' claws.

(Note: I did not make the Digimon+ Article. that credit goes to Daisuke Hikari).

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