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Agumon t
Appears in:Digimon AA
Partner(s):Taiji Bashin
DNA Digivolution (+ MetalGarurumon
Omnimon Superior Mode

Agumon is a fictional character & Digimon from the fanfictional series Digimon AA.

Agumon is partner to the Neo-DigiDestined leader Taiji Bashin, the alternate version of Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, & often counterpoints his partner. While both are matched well in that they can act rather brashly & hot-headedly when their friends are in danger, Agumon is typically the more cautious one, even if his partner disregards his advice. The pair joke around with each other a lot & go through many trials together, but their trust in each other is evident.


Agumon is much like his partner in that he can be kind & compassionate, but he is more serious than Taiji. Though he can act rashly, Agumon is more cautious & less prone to getting into sticky situations, though he follows & protects his partner all the way. He can get philosophical at times as well. Agumon also shares Taiji's main trait of being incredibly courageous.


  • Pepper Breath (Baby Flame): Shoots an orange and red fireball from his mouth.
  • Claw Attack (Cross Fight): Slashes with claws.
  • Surudoi Tsume (するどいツメ? lit. "Sharp Claw"): Attacks with claws.


Other Forms

Botamon's Digi-Egg

Digi-EggBotamon Custom

Botamon's Digi-Egg

Botamon's Digi-Egg is held alongside Taiji's Digivice & Tag, the Crest of Courage, & the other Digi-Eggs, Digivices, Tags, & Crests.


Botamon t

Botamon (ボタモン?)

Botamon is Agumon's Fresh form.


  • San no Awa (酸の泡? lit. "Acid Bubbles"): Fires harmless pink bubbles from his mouth.


Koromon t

Koromon (コロモン?)

Koromon is Agumon's In-Training form.


  • Bubble Blow ( Awa?, lit. "Bubbles"): Fires harmless pink bubbles from his mouth.
  • San no Awa (酸の泡? lit. "Acid Bubbles"): Fires harmless pink bubbles from his mouth.


Greymon t

Greymon (グレイモン?)

Greymon is Agumon's Champion form.


  • Nova Blast: Fires a giant blast of fire from his mouth to incinerate his enemies.


MetalGreymon t

MetalGreymon (メタルグレイモン?)

MetalGreymon is Agumon's Ultimate form. His left arm is called the "Trident Arm".


  • Giga Blaster (Giga Destroyer): Fires two fish-shaped missiles from his chest.
  • Mega Claw (Trident Arm): Shoots his "Trident Arm" to slash, stab, or wrap up enemies.


WarGreymon t

WarGreymon (ウォーグレイモン?)

WarGreymon is Agumon's Mega form. He is equipped with the "Dramon Destroyer" gauntlets and the "Brave Shield" on his back.


  • Terra Force (Gaia Force): Gathers all of the energy within the atmosphere and concentrates it into one spot, then fires it as a super-dense, high-temperature fireball energy shot.
  • Terra Force: Spins at tremendous speed like a tornado and launches himself at the enemy.
  • Brave Shield: Uses his "Brave Shield" to defend.
  • Mega Claw (Dramon Killer): Slashes his "Dramon Destroyer" gauntlets.


Omnimon t

Omnimon (オメガモン Omegamon?)

Omnimon is a Mega Digimon who is the result of WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon DNA digivolving. His right MetalGarurumon hand holds the "Garuru Cannon" & his left WarGreymon hand conceals the "Grey Sword", while his left arm also has the "Brave Shield Omega".


  • Transcendent Sword (Grey Sword): Slashes with the "Grey Sword" which emerges from the WarGreymon head.
  • Supreme Cannon (Garuru Cannon): Fires colossal energy balls at foes from the "Garuru Cannon" which emerges from the MetalGarurumon head.
  • Double Torrent: Freezes foe in a wave of ice from the MetalGarurumon head before incinerating them in a burst of fire from the WarGreymon head.


VictoryGreymon b

VictoryGreymon (ビクトリーグレイモン?)

VictoryGreymon is WarGreymon's alternate Mega Form. He is equipped with the "Dramon Breaker", a gigantic crushing sword.


  • Dramon Breaker: Performs a heroic sword technique with the Dramon Breaker in which it strikes the opponent, instead of slashing, pulverizing them.
  • Trident Gaia: Splits the Dramon Breaker and equips the pieces to its arm, takes all the energy within the atmosphere and concentrates it into the tips of its sword, then fires it.
  • Victory Charge: Performs a unique sword technique with the Dramon Breaker which reflects back an opponent's attack.
  • Victory Shield: Unites the shells equipped on its back into a shield, which it wields.

Omnimon Superior Mode

Omnimon Superior Mode is a Mega Digimon who is the result of VictoryGreymon & ZeedGarurumon DNA digivolving. His right ZeedGarurumon hand holds the "Super Garuru Cannon" & his left VictoryGreymon hand conceals the "Super Grey Sword", while his left arm also has the "Supreme Shield Omega".


  • Super Garuru Cannon: Freezes the opponent with frigid, absolute zero shots that it fires from the "Superior Garuru Cannon".
  • Super Grey Sword: Slashes with the invincible "Grey Sword".
  • Super Double Shot (Double Torrent): Annihilates the opponent with successive shots of fire & ice from the VictoryGreymon & ZeedGarurumon heads.
  • Super Omega Blast

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