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Agumon is one of the main characters in the upcomeing Fan-series Digimon Cyper Heroes. Agumon has a very hyper personality and quiet persona, the reason is because he doesn't know who he really is.

Agumon t


Agumon X2 is a Digixros with Agumon and Tentomon.
File:Agumon X2.png


  • Corona Flame
  • Electro Blaster
  • Dragon Tail Slap
Agumon X3 is a Digixros with Agumon, Tentomon and Garurumon.
File:Agumon X3.png


  • Garuru Howler
  • Courage Flame
  • Electro Blaster DX
  • Courage Valcano

Agumon X4 is a Digixros with Agumon, Tentomon, Garurumon, Patamon and Gatomon.
File:Agumon X4.png


  • Courage Valcano
  • Light Slash
  • Hope Plasma

Agumon X5 is a Digixros with Agumon, Tentomon, Garurumon, Patamon, Gatomon and Biyomon.
File:Agumon X5.png


  • Flame Tornado
  • Corona Meteor
  • Meteor Valcano

GeoGreymon is a Champion Digivolution for Agumon.
GeoGreymon t


  • Mega Burst

RiseGreymon is a Ultamate Digivolution for Agumon.
RizeGreymon t

VictoryGreymon is Agumon's Mega Form. He mostly becomes this form through Flash Digivolution.
VictoryGreymon b


  • Victory Sword
  • Corona Flare
  • Cyber Sword
Agumon X6 is a Digixros of VictoryGreymon, Tentomon, Garurumon, Patamon, Gatomon, Biyomon and Zudomon.
File:Agumon X6.png


  • Corona Lava
  • Victory Sheild
  • Steel Hammer


  • Seven Corona
  • Courage Lava
  • Holy Flame

Arresterdramon is Agumon's true form. He was decated as the "Miricle Digimon". He turned into this form when he learned the program, "KOKORO"

Theme Songs

thumb|px|right|Agumon's Digivolution Theme

thumb|px|right|GoldVeemon's Theme

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