Agumon (Special Needs Force)

Level: Rookie


In-Training: Koromon

X-2: Arbormon (w/ VinePalmon)

X-3: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (w/ VinePalmon and Gaomon)

X-4: ShineGreymon Burst Mode (w/ VinePalmon, Gaomon, and Biyomon)

Champion: GeoGreymon

Ultimate: RizeGreymon

Mega: ShineGreymon

Dark Ultimate: SkullGreymon

Dark Mega: ShineGreymon Ruin Mode

Human Partner: James Carl

Agumon is the digimon partner of James Carl, the main protagonist of the fanfiction, Digimon Xros Wars: Special Needs Force.



Pepper Breath: A shot of a fireball from Agumon's throat.

Spitfire Blast (baby burner): A huge breath of fire from Agumon's throat.


Mega Burst: A huge breath of fire from GeoGreymon's throat (similar to the Spitfire Blast).


Trident Revolver: Fires three blasts at opponent.

Solid Strike: Brutally bashes opponent with revolver barrel.

Rizing Destroyer: Releases blasts from all over his body.


Glorious Burst: Fires a blast from his chest.

GeoGrey Sword: A sword that ShineGreymon weilds from the ground.


Roundhouse Kick: Spins his arms and legs while attached to rope to knock opponents to far distances.


Giga Crusher: Fires an unstopable beam from his cheast.

Positron Laser: Fires a blast from his arm aimed at his opponent.


Final Shining Burst: Allows his soul to erupt massively

Corona Blaze Sword: Combines sword and sheild into a even more uncharted powerful sword.

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