Agumon iX
Level Rookie
Type Reptile
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Prior forms Koromon
Next forms Dynosmon

Agumon iX is a fan-made version of Agumon, identical to Agumon 2006 anime except for having blue training bracers, resembling blue flames. Agumon iX naturally carries the X-Antibody. He has an entirely new digivolution line (still including Botamon and Koromon).


  • Blue Claw
    • Effect 1: A scratch attack powered with blue energy.
    • Effect 2: Blue flames engulf Agumon iX's hands and he scratches his opponents.
  • Blue Burst: A blue version of Agumon's Pepper Breath.
  • Ancient Flames: Fires blue flames that burn at over 1,000,000 degrees.

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