Title Ferocious Loyalty
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Loyalty
Partners Matthew
Digi-Egg of Loyalty (Two Heroes)

The Digi-Egg of Loyalty

Aguroumon is PrimitiveAgumon's second armor form. His name comes from Agumon and rou, the Japanese word for wolf. His body is similar to Garurumon, but he has the head of an Agumon. His eyes are green and his claws are purple. Aguroumon has a tail like Greymon's, but is colored to match his body. The Crest of Loyalty appears on his shoulders.

First Appearance

After Brittani discovered her second Digi-Egg, Matthew began to wonder if he had a second as well. The two and their digimon, along with the villagers, went to Mount Digifreeze based on the assumption that since Brittani's Digi-Eggs were opposite, Matthew's would be too. They all climbed Mount Digifreeze and found the Digi-Egg of Loyalty at the top. A Frigimon who lived on the mountain challenged PrimitiveAgumon to a battle because he was bored. He allowed Matthew to use the Digi-Egg and keep it if he won. Aguroumon was unaccustomed to standing on all fours at first, as demonstrated by him falling when he tried to block Frigimon's attack. He had to learn on the fly, which didn't take long. He defeated Frigimon by freezing him with sleet. PrimitiveAgumon usually appears in this form after this to transport Matthew from place to place.


Ice Blaster- sends a blast of ice from his mouth at the opponent

Frozen Bite- rapidly lowers the temperature of his fangs and bites the opponent, freezing the area of the bite with a thick layer of ice

Freezing Rain- calls forth sleet from the sky to attack the opponent and freeze them from the bottom up


Aguroumon is the only of PrimitiveAgumon's Armor forms whose name isn't based off Greymon.