Ahrimon is a mega-level Demon Lord Digimon whose name is based Ahriman of the Zoroastrian religion. Ahrimon wears a black robe at all times. His face is covered by a golden mask. Ahrimon has four long tall golden horns which protrude from his head. Ahrimon carries a tall staff made of bones called "Atrocity" at all times. This staff is said to enhance Ahrimon's offensive and defensive abilities.

Ahrimon is an extremely devious and destructive Digimon who enjoys slaughtering or corrupting the innocent onto the path of evil. He has been responsible for more than one Angemon falling from grace.

Unlike other Demon Lords, Ahrimon is not content merely to destroy. He finds greater satisfaction in corrupting the righteous. This from the beginning has made him the sworn enemy of Ahuramon, and the two have battled since the Digital World began.

Level: Mega

Attribute: Virus

Type: (Ja:) Demon Lord Digimon (En:) Evil Digimon

Family(s): Nightmare Soldiers Dark Area

Digivolves from: Neodevimon

Digivolves to: Nil


-Profane Blast: Fires a stream of unholy energy at a target.

-Corrupting Touch: Infuses a target with evil, twisting the target into a mockery of its former existence.

-Rain of Destruction: Fires a stream of red meteors into the sky which rain down and cause great damage or outright destruction to anything in their path.

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