Aidan Himura

Aidan Himura
(Himura Aidan)
Appears in:Digimon War of all Worlds
Age 13
Date of birth July 19th
Grade 7th
Gender Male
Known relatives Neville Himura = father, Corinne Himura = mother, Gabriella Himura = sister
Nationality Japanese Jp flag
Occupation Engineer

Aidan is a member of the DigiDestroyed, he's a rival to Demitra Ikeda, while his Crest is insincerity, then asks for forgiveness after his Crest turns to peace. He is friends with Teneil Tanaka and later develops an extremely obvious crush on Adriana Moreau upon meeting her at the Holy Sanctuary, but he often tries to hide his feelings... messing up in the process. His parents are Neville and Corinne Himura, with Gabriella Himura as his sister. Him and Gabriella appear to be like ordinary siblings, fighting constantly, but have moments of love. While on the computer, Gabriella and Aidan accidentally uploaded a virus... putting them into the Digital World and opening their minds to darkness, allowing Coelamon to insert the black jewels into their skulls, when in the Digital World, he met Terriermon. Him and Terriermon are now a team and work together to save the Digital World. Aidan's dream is to become an engineer, and he often fixes things for his friends, first shown when Thunderbirmon stopped flying. Aidan at first has a burning desire to destroy the DigiWorld, and considers dumping Terriermon... thinking he doesn't need him, but when Terriermon and Lopmon tell him Adriana got taken prisoner by WaruSeadramon, he fights to make peace and turns his crest back into the Crest of Peace.

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