Level S Hybrid
Type Spiritual Warrior
Attribute Data
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Atanimon + S Spirit of Meditation, Anyone + S Spirit of Meditation.
Next forms Zazenmon(w/H Spirit of Meditation)
Slide forms Atanimon.

Aio is short for Aion, from the Greek definition of an infinitely long time.


Ripples of thick white energy materialize around into a humanized-form, settling like flowing armament two inches thick, while at points through out millimeter-thin flesh of black antimatter is layered selectively.

A blindfold-mask forms over the forehead and eyes and trails down to just past the nose, tying around the back of the head in a topknot, while threads of silver hair materialize and run down between the shoulders.

The arms slide around and lock together at the center of the back, hand-to-elbow, where they are bound in place by tendrils of energy. Over the shoulders round plates of antimatter form, and a shrunken haori fits over the the upper torso and arms.

Over the back of the haori in the place of an symbol or name is the kanji for seal, made up out of smaller digicode and thus loosely broken up.

White shorts form over the lower torso, and at each knee to the ankle bulky bell-shaped grieves filled with antimatter gather, while slick geta settle over the feet.

General Information

Representing the primal aspect prior to nihilism, the bleak void of antimatter, Aiomon has inherited the ancient Aeomon's body of antimatter to a degree, and so invokes that destructive trait on the way toward manifesting the other and currently lost traits.

Because it must meditate to master its chaotic impulses, Aiomon is bound by seals crafted at an unseen-workers hands, enabling it to restrain itself in the meanwhile.


Unlike other Hybrid-class digimon, the division amongst the Spirits of Meditation have resulted in a rare phenomena for those involved in it, wherein each Spirit is stacked atop the others to achieve a process similar to common evolution - no outside Spirits are required to attain the highest forms in the line.


  • Schwarzes Loch Verteidigung(Black Hole Defense): Flares antimatter from the shoulder plates into a wide circle, exploding outward against any assault that hits it with great force.
  • Kara Schnell Schritt(Void Quick Step): After reaching top speed, the antimatter in the legs stirs and rips open a portal to another span of the battlefield within twenty feet.