Title Loving Wings
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Love
Partners Matthew

AirGreymon is the fifth armor form attained by PrimitiveAgumon. In this form, he has gained two large red wings, which each have a darker red outlining on the bottom. He has mastered flight as well as aerial battles. AirGreymon's claws have turned pink, and the Crest of Love appears on his chest.

First Appearance

Matthew and Brittani had followed the Digi-Egg radar function of their digivices to a tall tree in the forest. They were prepared for a quick battle like the first few Digi-Eggs, but Volatilemon had requested assistance from Millenniumon. Millenniummon had ordered an Airdramon to protect the Digi-Egg of Love and had strengthened Volatilemon's trap. When the digidestineds reached the tree, Airdramon activated the trap. The villagers armor digivolved to help fight. Brittani had Haku armor digivolve to Hakudramon in order to fly Matthew and Brittani up to the nest where the Digi-Egg was located. As soon as they got into the nest, Airdramon attacked Haku, who fell to the ground and reverted to his Rookie level. Matthew and Brittani ran to the Digi-Egg to help Haku as quickly as possible, because Airdramon flew after him. As soon as PrimitiveAgumon and Haku armor digivolved, the tide of the battle turned and Airdramon was defeated.


Sonic Wind- AirGreymon flaps his wings, sending a gust of supersonic wind toward the opponent

Fire Storm- A unison attack with Hakutakamon. Hakutakamon uses Haku Tornado, and the air around the opponent begins swirling. Then AirGreymon causes a fire to be lit at the bottom of the tornado. The flames are enlarged by the wind and are carried to harm the opponent.