Level In-Training
Type Humanoid
Attribute Data, Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms RookAkamon
Partners Aku Kunika

Akamon is a female humanoid digimon whose name is derived from Aka(red). Akamon is not capable of fighting in this stage. She needs to Digivolve in order to be able to fight. Her attacks are therefore only to make sure she can survive. Akamon appears in Digimon Data Squad


  • Flower Tempest: Akamon spins and while she does so, cherry tree blossoms are coming out of the red balls in her hair. It is like Terriermon's Tiny Twister, but the blossoms she 'summons' are to cover Akamon as she flees.


RookAkamon is Akamon's Rookie form and the form where she starts being able to fight. RookAkamon is wearing a suit of armor to protect herself.


Supiamon is Akamon's Champion form. Supiamon's name is derived from 'Supia', which means 'Spear'. Supiamon wears less armor than RookAkamon, but she uses a double-sided spear. She wears less armor to increase her speed.