Aku Kunika
Age 14
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese

Aku Kunika is one of the generation DATS Agents 20 years after the story of Marcus Damon ended.

The beginning

Aku had found out about Digimon while playing Hide-and-Seek with his friends close to the DATS Headquarters. When searching for a hiding spot, he found a weird-looking animal and went to take a closer look. That was the first time Aku had met a Digimon, Akamon. After Aku got closer, he realizes that it wasn't an animal, but looked more like a young girl. Aku thought that the girl was just playing around, since she didn't look lost, neither did she look sad. He decided to leave her alone. When they headed back home Aku told his friends about the girl he found when he was searching for an hiding spot.

The next day was the same as always. Wake up, breakfast, school, back home, hang out with his friends, go home, buy groceries. But on his way back from buying groceries, Aku was confronted by a DATS agent. The agent asked if Aku knew about the existence of weird animals. Aku answered with: 'No, i don't know any of such sort.' The agent then asked Aku if he was close to the DATS Headquarters yesterday and, if he was, was he alone. Aku looked surprised, since he didn't know why the agent asked it. Aku told the truth: 'Yes, i was there with my Friends. Why do you ask?' The agent then told him that Aku had to come with him and asked who his friends were.

When arriving at the DATS headquarters, Aku had no idea what was going on.

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